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WM034: Rusty Toolkit - Toolshed homage

released 15 january 2006


Rusty Toolkit - Toodshed homage

01. Ballsphere square
02. Photograph, 2nd floor
03. Me is Yesno
04. Rusty lustmakers pt1, demo
05. Rusty lustmakers pt2, 8th gaias
06. Ray Kroc regains his status with a sixpack of beer

It all started nearly a year ago, wow this might turn nostalgic, anyhow Me (dr_grogg), Monsquaz and Patrick May came to a point in our lives where we met each other. So we decided to make some music together.
And music we did. At first it really sucked but pretty soon we started to get the hang of it and the collection of songs had in the end turned into..... 10 songs.

Six of those songs are now released as the "Toolshed homage". A toolshed homage in this case is a a box of screws and screwdrivers where peoples mind blow in. The result is captured by Me, Monsquaz and Patrick in big bowls. We later put them into our modified Mac and Pc's for remixing. When we remix them we also add our own touch of midis and other samplings together with the "mindblows". The results in a first study can be heard here.

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