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WM036: D'r Sjaak - En toch wakker

released 12 february 2006


D'r Sjaak - En toch wakker

01. Intro
02. Bang
03. Inne vlucht noa roaw
04. Euro's
05. Instrumentaal dink
06. Meatje
07. Boxeboam
08. Verlos os
09. Duuster
10. 't Sjpoekt in diene kop
11. Sjwaam
12. Ich vurlees
13. Van gistere
14. Damp aaf
15. Troane trekker

On his privately released debut album ZoŽ muj (So tired) D'r Sjaak turned the rather traditionalist world of music from the Dutch province of Limburg into a lo-fi, experimental playground.

And then D'r Sjaak moved on. His virtual single Meatje made waves on regional radio and in the national music press.

"A strange and inventive mixture of Neue Deutsche Welle, hip hop, house and electropop", raved one magazine.

D'r Sjaak is depressed, yet happy. Drunk, yet sober. Understated, yet danceable. Sleeping, yet awake.

He is all that. And more.

Get his albums "En toch wakker" en "Schijnheiligen" exclusively from WM Recordings.

Dutch notes here/Nederlandse toelichting hier.

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