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WM063: Various Artists - Mystic Moods

released 15 may 2007


Various Artists - Mystic moods

01. Hathaway Family Plot - Go up baldy [info]
02. Djet - Crossbreeze theme [info]
03. daghoti. - Percipience fiction [info]
04. I'm Dr Buoyant - Warp philtre memorials [info]
05. The Sursiks - The martial arts [info]
06. Desert Gears - Genghis dreams on horseback [info]
07. Dick El Demasiado - Ets getin da [info]
08. Super Sonic Future - Lakme [info]
09. Ofer Golany - HALO in-deed [info]
10. Phil Reavis - Pretty dark [info]
11. Christmas in March - Good health [info]
12. Ron Wibbley and the Night Soil - Theme from the Night Soil Men [info]
13. Nambavan - Rize up [info]
14. [deleted]
15. LowLifi - Tiny lights [info]
16. 8m2stereo - Who. [info]
17. Jeffrey Letterly - My mystic mood [info]
18. Happy Elf - Passengers [info]
19. Terry Douglas - Cult of divine chaos [info]
20. Lee Rosevere - Earthmover [info]

It has been a long time coming, Mystic Moods, but as we say in The Netherlands, we didn't skate over one night's (thin) ice, we simply granted it the time it deserved.
And so here we are, proudly presenting a collection of Mystic Moods from Israel, Russia, USA, England, Germany and The Netherlands.
The title, like Numerology, again seemingly refers to the New Age domain, but what a fine corps of musical shamans has cooked up in their sound laboratories is not the sort of thing your therapist would try to lull you with during a Reiki session.
The hallmark of WM Recordings is 'different', and so it's Mystic Moods with a wink, a lighthearted take on the mystic deriving it's campy cues from the Mystic Moods Orchestra, rituals and therapy, art and science fiction, the metascientific questions scientists are being forced to ask regarding origins and existence, and the rise of fanatisism in the world of faith, in short: it's music for your undisputed pleasure...!
Finally, I'd like to express a big "thank you!" to all artists who so generously contributed. A special thanks goes out to Martijn for his precious studio time, to Trudy for her priceless artwork, and to Marco for making it all possible.
- Ton Rückert (concept & compilation)

mastered by Martijn Alsters
artwork by Trudy van Soest

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