Thursday October 23rd 2014

New releases

Submission guidelines: free downloads

[The submission guidelines for commercial releases are here]

If you would like to release your music through WM Recordings please contact us by e-mail first. Please provide a link to your website, MySpace, or to some sample files directly.

It helps if you include some basic info about yourself or your band. Please indicate clearly that you would like to make your music available for free. All free downloads will be made available under a Creative Commons license, which encourages sharing of your work.

Once we have agreed that we want to release your music on WM Recordings we’ll need the following from you:

1. the mp3 files. Preferred bitrate is 320kbps, constant bitrate.
Please make sure the names of your mp3 files do not contain any spaces, underscores or other “unusual” characters.

2. artwork for your release. Preferred format is jpg, 850×850 pixels for a front cover, saved at 300 dpi for best quality. Extra artwork – including cd label, extra pages for a booklet, pictures – is welcome.

3. a biography and/or notes about your release. You can include links to your site(s) if you like.

4. a picture or logo for our artists page.

5. a text-file or Excel-sheet containing the metadata (track listing and credits) for your CDs.

All files – except the audio – can be e-mailed to
Audio files can be uploaded through services like or similar services.

Otherwise please send your audio or data cd to the address below:

WM Recordings
Unescostraat 30
6414 NX Heerlen
The Netherlands