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WM054: Doron Deutsch – Big bright lights

WM054: Doron Deutsch – Big bright lights

released 09 december 2006 1. Bright lights 2. 4 the ships to come 3. Jeep drive in the desert 4. Alien script 5. Radio interferances pt. 1 6. The planet 7. Escape velocity 8. New light Bonus: Escape velocity (video) "This album, is a sci-fi sort of a story, where I played everything, it moves from electronic to guitar and bass sounds, to create the right mood. The story itself is a romantic one and is hinted through the tracks but is a creation of its own which needs publishing as well..." Website: Download options: download cover [Read more...]

Doron Deutsch album reviewed

From Black Sweater, White Cat: WM Recordings always has something tasty. Release WM054, Big bright lights, from Doron Deutsch (hometown Haifa, Israel) is excellent! Read full review here.