Tuesday July 23rd 2019



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Happy Elf album reviewed

Our latest release - 'Together' by Happy Elf - has been online less than 24 hours but the kind folks over at Starfrosch.ch have already posted a review. Read it here.

Happy Elf on Radio Mortale

The track 'Turning around' from Happy Elf's 'Alone' album was chosen as "Hit of the Week" on Dutch radio station Radio Mortale (Amsterdam).

Happy Elf review

Happy Elf review

From Knobtweakers.net

Happy Elf – Output From The Past

Happy Elf – Output From The Past

After the succes of his mini album First contact we proudly present a full album by Happy Elf:Happy Elf - Output from the past

Happy Elf – First Contact

New release available now: First contact - Happy Elf Download and be happy!

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