Monday October 20th 2014

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WM065: Jan Turkenburg – Packages To The Moon

WM065: Jan Turkenburg – Packages To The Moon

released 24 june 2007 1. Statement 2. Mental rhapsody 3. Awakening (sending packages to the Moon) 4. Fear of water 5. The question 6. Totopopowtow 7. Counting the die's dots 8. The hurkle is a very happy beast 9. Winti winti 10. P.s. 1. Statement Mainly constructed out of samples of existing music and sounds, sounds that I recorded myself and playing real keyboard, flute and guitar. Most of the Dutch language quotes are translated by the text-to-speech function of Magix Music Maker 7 de luxe, so this manifesto is clear for non-dutchies as well. 2. Mental rhapsody This [Read more...]

It must be one of those days!

WM Recordings artist Jan Turkenburg, known as "Meneer Jan" to his pupils, has released a great new mini album: "It Must Be One Of Those Days". The title track is so catchy that it will stick in your head forever. Don't believe us? Watch the hilarious video, featuring Ton Rückert:"It Must Be One Of Those Days" is available from iTunes, Amazon mp3, and on CD directly from us.