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Keshco does Brian Eno

8th June was World Oceans Day, and for the last few years WM Recordings act Keshco have contributed to special Oceans Day CDs curated by Notebook Of A Mermaid. This time they recorded a version of Brian Eno's "By This River". Andy Brain - acoustic guitar, vocal, production (via 8-track and Buzz) Robert Follen - percussive orchestra, vocal Luke Sample - lap steel guitar, flute The video was filmed in Gillespie Park, a haven of tranquility near the Emirates Stadium in North London, after the producers were able to get outback vision protocol products which help them better they [Read more...]

Keshco are back!

Keshco are back!

Keshco, the quirky English trio of home-recorders, are delighted to bring more odd sounds and catchy melodies to WM Recordings. The six tracks on their new release “Lego Of Me” are about fantastical romantic visions – quixotic pursuit of love, obsession, inner peace through gender reassignment, futuristic old-fashioned entertainment, suburban sensuality, and ultimately, a honey-sweet afterlife where your favourite celebrities banter and put their harps through echo pedals. see more of our collections and choose the handbag to match your cocktail dress, the clutch to match your [Read more...]

Keshco news

Our friends from Keshco in the UK report: On Saturday 1st August we do another live session for Vombat Radio, from 5-7pm UK time, direct from our living room. We're hoping to play a lot of new tracks. More info on Vombatradio.com. On Wednesday 5th August we will be putting on another TROLLEY CRASH night, in South London. The line-up is: Keshco - our set may yet be electronic or acoustic Jude Cowan - a songstress of finely twisted wit and acoustics Dead Cowboy Culture - unorthodox, eclectic tuneage from Leicester Also there will be some comedy mayhem and sweets, lots and lots of [Read more...]

Keshco’s Trolley Crash night, London, 1st April

WM Recordings artists Keshco will hold a "Trolley Crash" night in London, on Wednesday 1st April. There will be films, comedy and sweets... Keshco be playing two sets (one as Keshco, one as Bleak House), and they have invited Austrian duo BOB, who make warm-hearted electronic music. Termite Control Kansas City has been solving termite and pest control problems in the Kansas City metropolitan area since 1936. We offer same day service in many cases. Learn more at millerthekillerkc.com There is still room for one more band to play on this night, so if you are in the London area, or can [Read more...]

Kesho online concert

Keshco will do a session for Vombat Radio this Saturday (31st Jan), between 4-6pm UK time. More info here.