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WM057: Necronomikon Quartett – Input

WM057: Necronomikon Quartett – Input

released 07 february 2007 1. Sofawende 2. Wave rider 3. Song of tomorrow 4. Tube music part IV 5. Auf Stelzen durch die Wueste 6. Future 03 It’s a common statement for musicians, that they cannot describe their music or are not willing to label it in any way. The members of Necronomikon Quartett repeatedly discussed this issue but they really can not offer any description or label for their music. All they can say is that the songs have no words and the band uses guitar, bass, drums and sometimes keyboards/sequenzer, cello, theremin, percussion, voice, marimbaphon, kazoo [Read more...]

Free Albums Galore reviews Necronomikon Quartett

Free Albums Galore about our release by the Necronomikon Quartett: "an excellent album of creative sounds". Read the full review here.