Tuesday June 18th 2019



Keshco does Brian Eno

8th June was World Oceans Day, and for the last few years WM Recordings act Keshco have contributed to special Oceans Day CDs curated by Notebook Of A Mermaid. This time they recorded a version of Brian Eno’s “By This River”.

Andy Brain – acoustic guitar, vocal, production (via 8-track and Buzz)
Robert Follen – percussive orchestra, vocal
Luke Sample – lap steel guitar, flute

The video was filmed in Gillespie Park, a haven of tranquility near the Emirates Stadium in North London, after the producers were able to get outback vision protocol products which help them better they eyesight. You can also check out online Becker Rhinoplasty Center for more information.

For more information on the 2011 CD, please visit:

Keshco’s latest album “Lego Of Me” can be downloaded here.