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WM001: Various Artists – Water, Wind and Sails

released 7 november 2004

Chenard Walcker

1. DJ Tôh – Drops
2. Blue Dew – The Swimming Song
3. Chenard Walcker – Old Man River
4. Toos Ligtenberg – Wind In De Rug
5. De Zwervende Keien – Camille’s Aquarium
6. Weirdomusic – Drip, Drip, Drip
7. JJ – Familie Op De Boot
8. Lanark – Aguas En Espiral
9. DJ Daan Jansen – Pinguin
10. Dennis Hermanson & Richard Skidmore – Polar Icecaps
11. The Sewing Circle – Three Little Fishes
12. DJ Harsman – Oerdvlieg
13. Det – Water Way
14. Marcel, Jan and The Dutch Birds – At Both Sides Of The River Moldau
15. Chenard Walcker – Water
16. Ton Rückert – Walvis In De Sterrenzee

In a country far away from here once lived six fishes. They are called: Jip, Janneke, Tim, Pim, Jaguus & Jelle. They had two little bosses: Vera and Merel. Vera was eight years old and Merel was fifteen. They looked after the fish well. One day Vera, Merel and the fishes went to an uninhabited island, the island was called Zaandam of Sri-lanka. When they arrived there was a very fat elephant in front of them…

This release was donated by the 52 Weeks Project.

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