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WM119: – The Joey Burns EP

released 28 may 2011

1. L’Uomo Senza Nome (Joey Burns Intro)
2. That Day Joey Burns Offered Me A Job
3. Are You Really Local?
4. Aguascalientes
5. I Can Turn Into A Brick {If I’m Forced To}

With the open-source-release of the first album “TODAY IS SUNDAY” on WM Recordings in 2008 MeanwhileProject.Ltd first started as a one-man-project. In the last three years the album was spread over the internet and reached about 30.000 listeners all over the world where it found general approval. The production of the JOEY BURNS EP and the forthcoming album took place with the support of Music Producer Hannes Jackl from AMPERSAND and features musicians and singers from the bands SCHMACKES UND PINSCHER, MOUTH, LUNATIC SKYDANCE and THE LO-FI FAIR.

The release of the completely new album THE JUDAS HOLE (including 10 brand-new tracks) will follow later in 2011. With “That Day Joey Burns Offered Me A Job” the EP contains one of the songs of the new album.

So turn up the volume, put your headphones on, ride with the pack and enjoy the soundtrack of a film that was never made…

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