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WM015: Roy “Chicky” Arad – Sputnik in Love: The Remixes

released 23 may 2005


01. Sputnik in love – original version
02. Sputnik In Doubt – Mule Driver remix
03. Shtutnik In Love – 101 Player feat. Sillypoo remix
04. Sputnik In Love Karaoke Version – Moti Luhim And Ambrex Band remix
05. Sputnik In Love – Digital_Me remix

Art based on original cover by Dudu Geva

MusicWordsProdInstruments By Chicky

The original “Sputnik in Love” album was recorded in Tel Aviv, Oct 2004 – Jan 2005 and released on WM Recordings on the 7th January 2005. The remix album was originally conceived by AK Duck.

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