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WM017: Happy Elf – Alone

released 26 june 2005

1. Alone
2. Turning around
3. You foxy lady
4. Can>t make it
5. My monkey

bonus: Happy Elf video clips
01. Alone
02. Turning around
03. You foxy lady
04. Can>t make it
05. My monkey
06. Elftools

On this brand new album you can listen to 5 new analogue, groovy, funny electropop songs. It’s almost like a “back tot the past” trip listening to these tracks. Happy Elf knows exactly how to create the atmosphere of eighties popmusic, because he plays all instruments by hand and doesn’t use a computer (o.k. a drumcomputer).

The voice of Happy Elf makes every track complete and makes you wonder why only beautiful and crafted singers dominate the popmusic market.

Happy Elf brings you back to reality and shows you the real world which is full of loneliness, sex, doubt , confusion and love.

As a bonus you get a mini video clip for every track!

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