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WM024: The Subhuman – Knowing Is Half The Battle

released 17 september 2005

The Subhuman

1. Battle
2. Vietnam
3. Shoes
4. The shining sun
5. Millions dead
6. Dragons
7. I’m a God
8. Two hands
9. Whatever

A homerecorded DIY mishmash of old tracks (recorded between 1999 and 2005), quiet songs, homerecorded weirdo pop instrumentals, noisy stuff, on CD-r with printed artwork: it can be purchased for 5 euro (+shipping) here.

The Subhuman is the alter ego of Dutch singer/songwriter Stefan Breuer (1987). His music is all about songs. Stefan’s been writing them since age 10 and has released them on various privately produced CDs.
In 2002 he formed his own band, The Subhuman & The Holy Ghosts, to perform his songs with him, but Knowing is half the battle is 100% pure Stefan.

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