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WM033: Lee Rosevere – Play

released 8 january 2006

Lee Rosevere

1. One fan spinning the wrong way
2. The final jump
3. Red smoke

Play is the first in a series of releases by Lee Rosevere that focus on his experimental, ambient and imaginary soundtrack works. Some of these recordings have been played on internet radio in the past, but many of these recordings are being released for the first time, combining tracks recorded over 10 years ago with brand new compositions.

Track info:

1. One Fan Spinning The Wrong Way (19:58)
Created from a live mix of a high-speed 4-track and a regular 2-track cassette player, with original previously recorded sounds. Each tape wasn’t marked, so I had no idea what was coming, except for the theme bookended at the beginning and end. Everything was also run through an effects processor during the mix, which was also controlled live. (1997)

2. The Final Jump (3:01)
Constructed from many overlapping classical orchestral pieces, then run through a ridiculous noise reduction setting, and reverbed the heck out of it. (2005)

3. Red Smoke (6:59)
Atmospheric riff sampled into an old digital sampler that could only hold a maximum of 4 seconds. Looped and played back at various tones and reverbed. (1994)

Produced, mixed and performed by LR.

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Play by Lee Rosevere is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License.