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WM035: Bacco Baccanels – Bollate Centro

released 3 february 2006

Bacco Baccanels - Bollate Centro

01. Uno straccio
02. Vai pi piano
03. Bollate centro
04. Mi fa
05. Coma
06. Capsula spaziale
07. Confuso
08. Calendario
09. Motel
10. Fearless little John

Bacco definition: “Few of everything but nothing enough”. Bacco keeps himself busy with a lot of things without going too far and, since is really lazy he’s developed a great aptitude to justify his poor doings.

Born in Bollate, Milano suburbs, in a snowy day of early March 1964. Those days, human being was not yet on the Moon, many interesting movies about Vietnam weren’t yet shot and Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin e other great musicians with first letter “J” were still alive.

A standard childhood. During adolescence he begins the path taking him to close himself in a room and doing vocal music.

Musical experience
Bad solo guitarist, sufficient bass player in Milanese cover bands, sufficient lyrics author, not so sufficient singer.

After more then ten years, he synthesized these experiences, together with his bad temper, in the fine art of vocal music he calls Musicucina (Kitchen Music).

He learned to write and read at school, as everyone in western countries; proud of his education he seldom write short stories.

Photos and journeys
He loves to travel, even if he started at a ripe old age and he has little time and budget.

Who’s he really?
He discloses his identity only to reach the aim to safeguard his infamous work: bacco baccanels coincides with the gloomy clerk in the world Giuseppe Giovanni Baccanelli.


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by Bacco Baccanels is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License.