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WM042: Gorowski – I don’t believe you

released 16 may 2006

1. Juni
2. Ancient rollers
3. Electric hands
4. The space bandidos (06)
5. I don’t believe me
6. Wailer
7. The sun’s coming through
8. Leccy pop
9. Flite
10. Wailer doubled
11. Barneveld

Gorowski has made us wait (‘I needed to make a few tweaks’), but finally we get to hear his new promo album, ‘I Don’t Believe You’. This soundtrack provides a fusion of electronic messing about with fresh slices from the discotech. Leftfield emotion, a touch of melancholy, and damn right summer-inducing tuneage make for a sprawling, yet fulfilling excursion into non-conformism.

While the ‘Ancient Rollers’ and ‘Space Bandidos (’06 version)’ take us to the edge of the pier, ‘Barneveld’ (a tribute to the Dutch Dartist – affectionately known as Barney!) and ‘I Don’t Believe Me’ (about some ‘geek’ with a microphone in his beard) restore our warm heart with a twist. For more on Gorowski and the ‘Larkin Out’ club-nights where he DJs with Pork (Hull, London) go to

This album is not for sale and strictly for promotional use only.

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