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WM043: Sminky – Before life

released 4 june 2006

Sminky - Before Life

1. Out
2. Angel N7
3. Not wolfs
4. Would you…
5. Everything’s good!
6. Glass is the only way to hide
7. Little girl on her planet
8. Puppies in the space

Project “Sminky” consists of one person named Sminky. Who that is – a girl or a guy – we can’t say exactly. Moreover, this person exists only within his/her music. Sminky’s world exists only within the music: Sminky’s space, Sminky’s puppies, Sminky’s planets, Sminky’s glasses and wolves. And Sminky’s wish is the only law in this universe.

Sminky lives in the legendary land of Siberia next to a huge pine forest. In his/her childhood she (he?) sang in a local church-choir and theatre and played violin. Later he (she?) tried to sing in different Siberian rock-groups. And now, for about two years she (he?) has just been sitting at home and doing music with his/her PC.

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Before Life
by Sminky is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License.