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WM056: Lee Rosevere – Play 2

released 13 january 2007

Lee Rosevere

1. Stare On An Empty House
2. Pendulum
3. Fruit In My Loops
4. The Missing Shadow
5. There Is No Music On This Side
6. Tower Theme
7. Nobody Goes To Heaven
8. Cake People

‘Play 2’ is the second in a series of releases by Lee Rosevere that focus on experimental, ambient and imaginary soundtrack works. Some of these recordings have been played on internet radio in the past, but many of these recordings are being released for the first time, some recorded over 15 years ago. 

Track info:

1. Stare Of An Empty House (3:24)
Turntable experiment recorded on analog 4-track. Inspired by Bill Viola’s “Reasons For Knocking On An Empty House” video art installation. (1995)
2. Pendulum (4:07)
Recorded on analog 4-track using a digital sampler that could only hold 4 seconds of sound. Tracks 2-4 are from the same sessions. (1995)

3. Fruit In My Loops (2:11) (1995)

4. The Missing Shadow (2:39) (1995)

5. There Is No Music On This Side (3:41)
This track was a new recording intended for a box of cassette singles limited edition to 1 of 1. I never sold the box, so 10 years later it makes it debut here. Created out of xisting analog 4-track recordings with live mixing. (1997)

6. Tower Theme (3:33)
Live improvisation to analog 2-track. (1990)

7. Nobody Goes To Heaven (8:49)
4 separate recorded tracks of ‘playing’ a short-wave radio then mixed live to 2-track. New edit 2006. (1992/2006)
8. Cake People (12:02)
Constructed from Vicki Bennett’s (of People Like Us) 14 versions of reciting “Cake” (a poem by Todd Colby). All versions played simultaneously, reverbed and stretched 12 times its original length. (2006)

produced & engineered by LR.
recorded 1990-2006

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Creative Commons License
Play 2 by Lee Rosevere is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License.