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WM059: Thiaz Itch – El Baile de los Fantasmas

released 5 march 2007

1. Heute Mplon
2. Trodjeu Hi Hi Part 1
3. Trodjeu HiHi Part 2
4. Strinj Dey Part 1
5. La Combe du Tréboulou (speed: 130bpm in A)
6. Strinj Dey Part 2 (hacksaw & keys above my washbasin)
7. Chevile
8. Little Khan
9. Bêêêêê

This special Thiaz Itch album is a collection of horror and frightening musics from 2005 to 2007. It blends dark ambient and ghostly beats together, recounting a phantasmal stunning story.

About Thiaz Itch:

Born near 1999, half-way between crude-hardcore and infantile naivety, this unstable toon tells the musical stories of his coloured and pixellized universe. By his eclectic influences and his sound research, he intersects marrowy atmospheres and diabolic rhythmics, metal aggressiveness and puerile happiness, for finally producing a musical flow in constant mutation.

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