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WM060: ElMaes – Geburah! Variations on the number 5

released 5 march 2007


1. 5 (Rimbaud version)
2. 5 (Hot roddy full length version)
3. Mi (Glitch version)
4. 5 (Mclouds 7 version)
5. 5 (Calebs full on waxed apple dub)
6. Mi (Punk version)
7. 5 (Cookie five goes mad in East Dulwich)
8. Mi (Boring version)
9. 5 (Original loud-amped)

ElMaes are:
Chris Cook: Sitars
Ta King: Voices, Chimes and Cameras
Marcus Laffan: Tabla, Cymbals and Voice
McCloud: Voice and synthesiser
Caleb Madden: FX and Voice

This CD is the result of a project curated by Dutch artist Ton Rückert for WM Recordings, and the first version of the track is available on the Numerology compilation.

The original recordings were remixed into 7″ format for a single release, and then made available to members of the Brighton based Spirit of Gravity Collective, who produced this set of remixes. ElMaes were formed for a Club Quiet performance with a custom light show and are interested in the performance aspects of modern psychedelic music.

Some information on ElMaes can be found here.

Chris Cook has a CD “Sharp Edges” as Same Actor on the French BipHop label. As Hot Roddy he has a new CD “One Liners” on the Wrong Music label.
Marcus Laffan was the drummer for McDermott’s 2 hours, he is now Brighton’s foremost nine fingered tabla player.
Caleb Madden is keyboard player and ranter for Waxed Apple. He also performs live as the Atari console 8bit noisemonger Terror Wogan.
McCloud was guitarist for forgotten space reggae band Planet Cook before making unreliable techno as McCloud, he also now works as the Capslock 20’s with Caleb Madden and with Casiostep pioneers Casio Headbutt.
Ta King is ours alone in musical terms. She is also a photographer, a fan of lomo, lensbaby and toy cameras.

What the media have said:
“Its OK you can come out now – scary records finished.”
Rob Da Bank to his Assistant on the 1 music show on BBC Radio1 after playing the Rimbaud version.

“To the best of my knowledge, Brighton is not the first city of sitars, but that distinction seems unimportant when one listens to “5” by ElMaes. Sitar and other traditional Indian instruments are as important to their sound as sampling or crackling or doggerel or any of the other elements they assemble on the two mixes they present here. It’s unclear if the tracks actually start or end anywhere since they appear to be pretty damn ouroboric in structure, give off a strong whiff of space/time discontinuity that will have you reaching for the bong again and again unsure exactly where that last toke left off.”
Nick Cain, The Wire magazine, on the 7″ single.

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Geburah! Variations on the number 5 by ElMaes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License.