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WM064: The Rabbits – Squirrel Brain

released 14 june 2007

1. Blow you crow
2. Screams in dreams
3. Chase the nuts
4. Best is geeja
5. Tower
6. Rocks which swim
7. Can’t help the stars
8. Wawa

The music found on this here album is the kind of music one would like to hear if one was inclined to hearing sounds put together and taken apart using notes, noises, melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and all the opposing forces as well. If you like music, you’ll love the music here. Sign up today for a low, low introductory price of 51 minutes of your time and receive an auditory thrill that will thrill your grandchildren too. The Rabbits reside somewhere on planet Earth. Catering to a wide galactic audience is not an easy task but the Rabbits are doing it for you, man, woman and all the in betweens. As Matthew Orzeszek, the brains behind the whole thing, would put it, the Rabbits make “wholesome music for all people.” Enjoy.


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