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WM065: Jan Turkenburg – Packages To The Moon

released 24 june 2007

1. Statement
2. Mental rhapsody
3. Awakening (sending packages to the Moon)
4. Fear of water
5. The question
6. Totopopowtow
7. Counting the die’s dots
8. The hurkle is a very happy beast
9. Winti winti
10. P.s.

1. Statement
Mainly constructed out of samples of existing music and sounds, sounds that I recorded myself and playing real keyboard, flute and guitar. Most of the Dutch language quotes are translated by the text-to-speech function of Magix Music Maker 7 de luxe, so this manifesto is clear for non-dutchies as well.

2. Mental rhapsody
This consists of bits and pieces of multiple works I created or mixed in the past I even incorporated my very first composition for flute, named “De Vlieger” (=The Kite). I wrote this when I was 16 back in 1980. You also will recognize the lead motiv of one of my favourite TV-series. All flutes and penny whistles are played by yours truly, except for the very first theme, which is a sample by of one of my heroes: Ian Anderson.

3. Awakening
The most recent work of all. A good oldfashioned pop song, written and recorded in a couple of hours, based on just one loop, the percussion was being played manually on a keyboard. It contains rap and spicy backing vocals. I expect to become very famous with this one.

4. Fear of water
Based on a pathetic poem I wrote when I was 17, describing nightmares about drowning which I sometimes had in that period. I don’t have those nightmares anymore. I’m having different ones now. The base rhythm that starts the song is played on two almost empty beer cans. Apart from that and some messing about on tubular bells, everything is constructed out of short samples of existing music: ELO, Flairck, Adriaan Valk, Harry Belafonte, Gore, Fox, Pink Floyd, Edmundo Ros, and others. Special thanks to Jelle-Jan for singing the “Doe Maar” quote.

5. Question
No samples of existing recordings were used, just my voice, a Celtic harp, a guitar and distortion effects.

6. Totopopowtow
Another “piece of cake”. The basis is a “vocoded” loop. Everything else was played manually.

7. Counting the die’s dots
This is one of my favourites. It was previously released as part of the WM compilation: Numerology. It’s a semi-aleatoric composition. The notes on the melodic base-tracks or loops were determined by throwing a die 63 times. The number on the die corresponded with the number in a hexatonic tone scale and was entered in a midi-program. To avoid one note being more important than the other the choice for the anhemitonic (without half tone-distances) scale was made, which creates a rather mysterious effect. I also made a loop of me counting the numbers from the measures and also constructed an english cut and paste count out of the countdown recording of the apollo 11 rocket. Furthermore I used all kinds of samples that I could find of people counting in several languages. On top I played the flute, a small djembé, a keyboard. Finally a few samples of Cathy Berberian (a.o.) were added to spice it up.

8. The Hurkle is a very happy beast
Written as a musical interpretation of a short SF-story by Theodore Sturgeon: “The Hurkle is a happy beast”, for penny whistles, voice, keyboard and samples of existing recordings.

9. Winti winti
Just before her return to her home country in june 1994 I recorded my fellow student Mavis Noordwijk from Suriname singing 60 Surinam folk songs and nursery rhymes that she had collected and published in her songbook “Alonki” (1976). During a short visit to The Netherlands a few weeks ago, she gave me permission to add other layers to the a cappella recordings. This is the first result of this huge project.

10. P.S.
I’m Jan Turkenburg, I’m 43 years old and I’m impersonating Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young simultaneously.

Effects, mixing and mastering were done with Magix Music Maker 2007 de luxe in combination with Goldwave 5.18.


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