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WM069: Century of Aeroplanes – A Simple Process

released 22 september 2007

1. Process #1: BaX
2. Process #2: Two fans
3. Process #3: Ealeki
4. Process #4: Hostel
5. 6 Ceilings
6. Process #5: a’Go ajha

A Simple Process is a collection of 6 compositions, each of which is based around a simple melodic fragment. These fragments are then altered by various processes (i.e. adding notes, transposing, shifting the beat placement). The compositions end when the process has run its course.

Rob Collier — electric bass, electric guitar, keyboards, percussion
Scott Moore — violin, percussion, voice, broken bicycle
Ian Carroll — trombone, percussion, voice
Madison Stubblefield — artwork

All music composed by Rob Collier.
Recorded 2006 at JAR studio in Louisville, Kentucky.

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A Simple Process by Century of Aeroplanes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License.