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WM075: The Rabbits – Squeeze one out

released 27 december 2007

1. Pillow like meadow
2. Mystery lizard feat. Richard Gorilla Geer
3. Where are you now
4. Brick boots
5. Crazy cut
6. Lakeshore
7. Use that thing
8. Wolves on donuts
9. Run rabbits run
10. Fire reign

Squeezing one out is as easy as one may think. You simply squeeze. The question remains, what exactly is being squeezed and out of what? The answer may very well lie somewhere on the second Rabbits album “Squeeze One Out”. An adventure that could impact your life in such a way that you end up humming these melodies while taking a dump. The Rabbits aim to bang ear drums around the globe and while the globe spins they go ding ding ding and bla bla bla with a nice boom boom boom to make things a little more engaging. In a nutshell, we have here another auditory thrill ride that’ll tickle your backbone while you contemplate the ins and outs of…things that go in and out. So squeeze a loved one, squeeze your self and enjoy.


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