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WM077: Phil Reavis – The Reagan years

released 18 march 2008

01. Clown Car
02. Jiffy Pop
03. High Above White Mountain
04. I’m Gigglin’
05. The No Bar Suite – Say Yes To Any New Drug
06. The No Bar Suite – What In The World
07. The No Bar Suite – The Saddest Story I Ever Heard
08. The Wobbly Loon
09. Bobble Head
10. Delicatessing
11. Arriving Home Drunk
12. Scooter
13. Pacific Coast Sundown
14. Giggle Box
15. Chicken
16. Broke My Toe Today
17. West Of Here
18. Wash Away The Shore
19. Splendor
20. Star Trek
21. Outgoing Message Loop
22. Writer’s Block
23. Tell Her
24. Good Riddance
25. Trust Us – Introduction
26. Trust Us – The Path Is The Mask Of Love
27. Trust Us – See Before You See
28. Trust Us – We’re For You
29. Trust Us – Be Before You Be
30. Trust Us – We Love You
31. Trust Us – Let The Dying Die
32. Tamara Lynn
33. Wash Away The Shore (Reprise)
34. So Long Until Tomorrow
35. Happy Birthday

Guitar-centric, lo-fi, art damaged squawking ditties recorded mid 1980s, some 4-tracked, some bouncing tracks between two cassette decks, some random guitar tunings, a few vocals, including the 18 minute guitars-on-the-table take on Beefheart’s Trust Us.

Turn On, Tune In, Clear The Room.

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The Reagan Years
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