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WM078: brunk – sept 2003

released 5 april 2008

1. Frutsel
2. Tumbling around
3. Frisbee
4. Could there be intro
5. Could there be
6. #+$/* £?
7. Automatic countdown
8. Perfect for eachother
9. Insight
10. Lady Penelope intro
11. Lady Penelope
12. Floating
13. Little green men
14. Test 12

brunk is Bert Vanden Berghe, DIY lowbudget homerecording, without any musical restrictions or stylistic premises. The songs on ‘sept 2003’ were made somewhere between 2000 and september 2003. It’s not easy to describe or to pigeonhole, but I guess the music brunk recorded in those days had a certain pop kitsch factor, a naïeve but eclectic touch, and tries to explore some musical boundaries in a very personal way. There are some hints and twists that point in the direction of the more experimental stuff he’s doing recently, but all in all this one shows the more melodic and accessible side of brunk.

“Welcome home, citizens of brunkville! Free the camp. Mind the dead ends and empty roundabouts. Thank you. Come again.”

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