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WM082: brunk – so lo so fi

released 30 june 2008

1. binnenkoerke
2. blue and thymol blue
3. stoelen deel 1
4. stoelen deel 2
5. eighties
6. I think he wants to communicate
7. low profile
8. wood
9. lost in the crowd
10. shadow/girl

‘so lo so fi’, some more unclassifiable lo-fi homerecorded sounds of melancholy and a soothing embrace of sadness, hard to pigeonhole but very ‘brunk-ish’…

Is it in the naive aspect, the improvised elements, the kitschyness, the cut-and-pasted layers, the use of samples, the cheap sounding rhythm sounds, the guitars? Hard to tell…

More lo-fi, perhaps less accesible than its precedors ‘sept 2003’ and ‘none of the above’ – but hopefully a surprising and pleasing listening experience. Enjoy!

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