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WM083: The Rabbits – That Cave of Love part 1

released 23 july 2008

1. Let’s Share
2. Live For Today
3. Have It
4. Sunny Day
5. Thunder Thighs
6. Chickeny Softness
7. Beyond the Chicken Coop
8. Quick Make It Stop
9. Treasure Chest

Straight outta Toronto and into the hearts of bazillions, the RABBiTS third release on WM Recordings “That Cave Of Love Part 1” is of course, yet again, an auditory thrill ride that will take you right to that muscular organ which by repeated rhythmic contractions gives life to you, me and the third.

Cardiac as it may be, the music on this here album is nothing less than intelligent, insightful…and what’s that other thing?… Conscious? Coincidental? I mean, “the world is full of chickeny softness.” Is it not? Hhmm?

If you’re still wondering what the fucking point is, it’s simple: Good music, hopefully initiating good times, for a good life in any ol’ way you wanna live it. Enjoy.

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That Cave of Love part 1
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