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WM084: Keshco – Trolley Crash

released 3 august 2008

1. Fingertips
2. Before We Began
3. Halloween
4. Unlock The Cabinet
5. If You Were
6. Teastrain
7. Think Alike
8. I Am Alba

Hello there – we’re Keshco, a quirky trio who have home-recorded four hour-long CDs over the last decade, together with countless unreleased projects.

Trolley Crash features a number of songs planned for our next album Deforestation of Dak, together with some exclusive linking tracks.

The five main songs cover most types of Keshco noise, from flippant to sincere. You’ll have to imagine the props and costumes that accompany our live shows. We hope you’ll have a good time listening to it and that it may inspire you to seek out our previous CDs, which wait patiently in the wings.

(Written and recorded by Andy Brain, Robert Follen and Luke Sample)

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Trolley Crash
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