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WM087: Spheriot – Bekennerschreiben

released 8 october 2008

01. The golden circle
02. Aufmarsch der Lemminge
03. Ikarus
04. The Getalong
05. Blind Ride
06. Amok Dilemma
07. Back to Barnacle Boy
08. Naughtic Dub
09. Witz ohne Worte
10. Life hating bastard
11. The things I do
12. Maitri
13. Endspurt
14. Takeaway Landing

Alright then – another album.
Still my mostly self servicing homebrewed – or if you prefer -grown – Spheriot soup, stirred by a planless cook who hasn’t yet achieved expertise as a producer and is still lacking a cookbook for a predictable style – or maybe just ignores it.

Here we are: Neither young nor innocent or idealistically transfigured any more. The right time for a “Bekennerschreiben” (claim of responsibility), to see what a variety of tastes a single ingredient like myself can provide a selfdestructive cannibal with.

Actually, I vaguely planned to do something more straight forward in one genre and have more singalong suitable lyrics. But sticking to the single principle of only doing what I want (against all good advice), it turned out to be a style mix quite similar to my first album Livingroom orbits.

I guess, this time I dived even a bit deeper into my personal variety of styles. In the end I allowed myself to accept them as what they are, without trying to match everything into my idea of a concept. So if it sounds like Krautrock-Techno, damned hard rock or a gay songwriter all mashed up in one indie pop stew, then this is just what I am.

Taste for yourself!

And if you think you can handle some even more uncontrollably evolving musical anarchy, check Zloty Dawai, a totally improvised noise project I’m part of. Also available here or here.

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