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WM088: Noteherder & McCloud – The Tail

released 29 october 2008

1. The Lamp
2. Alien Kidnapping
3. The Rider In The Dark
4. Ellipses & RF
5. A Tail In The Park
6. The Farmhouse
7. The Doctors Daughter
8. Radio Notation
9. Following The Stokey Alien
10. Escape
11. Uncertain Ground; Fleet of Foot
12. While Raymond Sleeps (In Room 2D)
13. Use The Desk Lamp
14. Insights And Observations
15. The Windows Peculiar Lens

Noteherder and McCloud are a duo based in Brighton, UK. This project was an attempt to fuse two strands of the local experimental music scene, and is based around live performance.

Noteherder is Chris Parfitt who plays Soprano Saxophone for this project. He is also a member of 21 grams and the Free Improv collective Safehouse-Brighton. Chris Parfitt also plays flute and will make convincing noises on most things, instrumental or not.

McCloud plays old synthesizers for this project, he is also a member of ElMaes who have a release on WM Recordings, The cAPSlock 20’s, an occasional stand-in for Terror Wogan and a member of electronic music collective The Spirit of Gravity. McCloud also plays bass and is not so convincing on other instruments. McCloud also made some strange techno records in the early 90’s.

An invisible presence on the recording has been Bartosz Dylewski who as _minimalVector provides the atmospheric real time visual processing that Noteherder & McCloud use when playing live. Bartosz provides the original photograph and _minimalVector processing for the front cover of the CD.

Tracks 1-7: Live @ Instrumentality
Tracks 8-14: Live in Stoke Newington
Track 15: Live @ The Spirit Of Gravity

Video: Noteherder & McCloud live at the Phoenix White Night Festival 25.10.2008.

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The Tail
by Noteherder & McCloud is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License.