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WM089: Thee Contortionists vs. Jeff McLeod – Electronics

released 18 november 2008

1. The Four Corners of Heaven
2. Absorbed I
3. Absorbed II
4. Absorbed III
5. Absorbed IV
6. Absorbed V
7. Absorbed VI
8. Absorbed VII
9. Absorbed VIII
10. Absorbed IX
11. Absorbed X

Electro-experimentalists Thee Contortionists team up with WM Recordings artist Jeff McLeod (solo and Skryxl) for an electronic deep listening experience that will make your head spin in an overwhelming digital/analog delirium. Recorded using a variety of synthesis methods, this pairing yields musical results that are engulfing and rich with sonic texture.

Track 1: Thee Contortionists
Tracks 2-11: Jeff McLeod

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