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WM090: invertebrata – 4

released 9 december 2008

1. aanvankelijk
2. groeten aan D.
3. een beetje vlieg
4. hmmmm
5. duidelijk thema
6. Tonka
7. strijkincident
8. soort gesprek
9. swing
10. uittocht

Invertebrata is an experimental/avantgarde project by Belgian musician Bert Vanden Berghe, and one of his more quirky outings besides brunk. Invertebrata’s music is mainly based on free improvisations on randomly detuned and often prepared (mostly acoustic) guitars, combined with other instruments/objects and environemental sounds.

This is the 4th invertebrata album since 1999. Detuned acoustic guitars, an acoustic bass guitar, a plastic water bottle, bowed strings, some voice, a little black truck called Tonka, a small toy recorder and other (whether or not accidentally) recorded sounds, and no traditional song structure in sight…


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