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WM093: The Hathaway Family Plot – Wal*Mart-Approved Music

released 25 april 2009

01. Wal*Mart-Approved Music
02. The High-Speed Action You’ve Been Craving
03. Ambien, Ny-Quil and Bourbon
04. I Can’t Do This
05, Noble Rot
06, Losing Lottery Ticket
07, Banks Of The Ohio
08. Apply Directly To The Forehead
09. Love Canal
10. Keep Spending, You’ll Figure It Out
11, Worm On The Sidewalk
12. Kept Mostly To Himself
13. Means Of Production
14. Customer Service
15. What Am I Doing Wrong?
16. Down, Down, Down

The Hathaway Family Plot is a musician from Buffalo, New York, whose mission is to make music with whatever is at hand. The Hathaway Family Plot struggles, however futilely, against late-industrial capitalism, consumer culture, and music-as-commodity.

Inspired by the increasing practice of musicians sponsored by corporations, these 16 tunes are The Hathaway Family Plot’s latest attempt to make music that is the anti-commodity: sloppy, unmarketable, and sometimes flagrantly difficult to listen to.

The Hathaway Family Plot encourages people to burn an extra CD, complete with color artwork, smuggle it into your local Wal*Mart, and leave it somewhere inside with the attached note:

Congratulations! You have located a free copy of Wal*Mart-Approved Music by The Hathaway Family Plot. It was left here by a friend, Wal*Mart does not own it, so it is not shoplifting for you to carry it out, free of charge.

Warning: The Hathaway Family Plot is not appropriate for children or anyone with a sense of decency.

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