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WM108: Claudio Nuñez & Sergio Paolucci – Apariencias Desnudas [Naked Appearances]

released 7 july 2010

1. Apariencia i (For Astor Piazolla & Roberto Goyeneche)
2. Apariencia ii {For Hermeto Pascoal & Thelonious Monk)
3. Apariencia iii (For John Coltrane & Ornette Coleman)
4. Apariencia iv (For Leandro Barbieri & Jaime Ross)
5. Apariencia v {For Ravi Shankar & Olivier Messiaen)
6. Desnudo Bajando La Escalera (For Cecil Taylor & Keith Jarret)

Sergio Paolucci: alto sax, soprano recorder, harmonica & voice.
Claudio Nuñez: Gibson Les Paul, Ovation nylon & steel strings, piano, Yamaha fretless bass, Hohner melodica, tenor recorder, udu drum, frame drum, bell, shaker & all other percussion instruments, guitars played with violin bow and light bulbs.

All the structures for open improvisation were designed by Claudio Nuñez. Apariencia v is based on Rag Rag (composed in 2007 for the Claudio Nuñez Trio). The piano and sax duet on Desnudo Bajando… is a free improvisation.

Recorded in Caballito, Buenos Aires, Argentina on january 27, 2010.

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