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WM109: Keshco – Lego Of Me

released 2 august 2010

1. She Knows Disco
2. More Deserving
3. James Harries
4. Decadent Robots
5. Inhale
6. Advert From Heaven

Keshco are back! The quirky English trio of home-recorders are delighted to bring more odd sounds and catchy melodies to WM Recordings. The six tracks on “Lego Of Me” are about fantastical romantic visions – quixotic pursuit of love, obsession, inner peace through gender reassignment, futuristic old-fashioned entertainment, suburban sensuality, and ultimately, a honey-sweet afterlife where your favourite celebrities banter and put their harps through echo pedals.

“She Knows Disco” was originally written by Robert several years ago as an acoustic plea. Andy added the dancefloor arrangement and final verse. “More Deserving” is an imagined soundtrack to some (probably Italian) psychological horror flick of the 1970s. Then we come to the EP’s centrepoint (and newest track) “James Harries”, a character study of the curious curly-haired British antiques prodigy turned transsexual celebrity. It’s meant with no malice. Listen out for Luke’s flowery flute work. “Decadent Robots” is set in a carnival where old-time electronics are re-wired into dapper mannequins. Gather round! Both this and “Inhale” were written in about 2006, the latter tapping into the growth in lifestyle therapy and alternative sensual (and sexual) healing. Lastly, there’s a very important message from the other side.

These tunes were recorded on a Fostex 4-track and using freeware programs Goldwave and Buzz.

Andy Brain: Acoustic guitar, lead/backing vocals, bass guitar, various keyboards, chimes, computer work
Robert Follen: Drums, lead/backing vocals, various keyboards, electric guitar, zither, chimes, household goods
Luke Sample: Electric guitar, flute, backing vocals, various keyboards, melodica

Hope to see you soon! Contact us for gigs, friendship, love bites:

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