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WM110: Gorowski – Sowilo (Double Disc)

released 24 august 2010

Disc 1
1. Sowilo
2. Mystic Space
3. Together We Ride
4. Dagaz
5. Wok The Funk
6. Cowboy Zeppelin
7. High On Life
8. Homage To Them Chiefs
9. Sleazy Sal (Feat. Crepesuzette)

Disc 2
1. Soul Retrieval
2. Trinity
3. Ending Of Becoming
4. Slinger
5. Through That Day (Feat. Crepesuzette)
6. Sacred Warriors
7. Shake The Shake
8. New Chord Revolt
9. I’ll Get By (Feat. Crepesuzette)

After a three year absence, Gorowski releases his fourth album “Sowilo” on WM Recordings. This time it’s a double-helping! Also featuring Swiss artist Crepesuzette. More free music for the discerning ear from the Dutch label.

Sowilo (Double Disc) is licensed under a Creative Commons license.
Strictly not for sale.
Both ‘front’ and ‘back’ cover art available for CD jewel case.
Download whole album (with no spaces between tracks) for the sowilo-journey.

For more information on the artists and label (including use of tracks), go to:
(WM Recordings)

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Creative Commons License
Sowilo (Double Disc) by Gorowski is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License.