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WM111: Zeptosound – Zeptosound

released 13 september 2010


1. All They Had Was Hope Then It Too Died
2. Duet
3. Empty
4. From Chaos
5. If I Scream Will You Hate Me?
6. On This Day
7. SonarChild
8. Space + Light
9. Stasis
10. The Remainder
11. Voltage?
12. Why Is It Frozen

We are interested in the boundary between order and chaos, and play an often improvised blend of classical, rock, new-age and jazz. There are four of us, from England, with varying ages, phobias and abilities, but mainly it’s just one of us. This one was in other bands. Two of us work on particle accelerators and make field recordings inside them late at night when no-one’s watching (the sounds on the track Voltage are an accelerator in pain). Three of us are grown-ups. Four of us are human, and we call ourselves Zeptosound. We like being Zeptosound, and we hope you enjoy our music.


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