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WM114: Happy Elf – Beach Street

released 30 december 2010

Happy Elf

1. Thinking About You
2. Roberto
3. Beach Street
4. Juno Six Sex
5. My Face
6. The End

HAPPY ELF is a dutch independent recording artist. He makes his own kind of synthpop using analog synthesizers and drum computers. His music sounds like music from the 80ties of last century and brings back happy memories.

HAPPY ELF does not use a computer but plays all his instruments himself. He started making music 30 years ago using the same synthesizers and drum computers, recording almost a track a week. HAPPY ELF also plays guitars and drums and performs with several bands in The Netherlands. Since 1999 he released many cd’s, most of them are freely available at WM Recordings. BEACH STREET, an album with 6 easy, groovy tunes is his latest one.

“Beach Street” is a laidback, groovy electropop EP from one of the most curious artists of the underground electropop scene. “Beach Street” is a mixture of easy listening pop made purely with analogue machines. Jeroen’s way of creating is smart, happy, free from schemes, …. and easy. Juno Six Sex? Purely magic.

This album is jointly released by 51beats and WM Recordings.

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Beach Street
by Happy Elf is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License.