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WM115: The Hathaway Family Plot – Debt

released 12 january 2011

Hathaway Family Plot

01. Debt
02. Couch
03. Outside The Mall: Neon At Night
04. Noise Compliant
05. Golf
06. Equifax
07. Building Your Wealth
08. Lawn
09. Fuse Box
10. Inside The Mall: The Engine Room
11. Home
12. Sunrise
13. Sunshine

After taking on capitalism, consumer culture, and art-as-commodity in their last album, The Hathaway Family Plot returns with a collection of songs about the joys of homeownership. (Did you know that you too can own your own home with little to no money down?!)

And how better to express the fulfillment of building equity in your future than through the same sloppy, noisy, amateurish, immaturely provocative aesthetic you’ve come to know and trust from The Hathaway Family Plot?

The Hathaway Family Plot recommends listening to this album in place of those books on tape you’ve been using to inspire yourself to visualize and then achieve personal and financial success.

You can’t. Give up.

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