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WM116: Jeselsohn & Nuñez – Interacción

released 28 march 2011

Jeselsohn & Nuñez - Interaccion

1. Interaccion i
2. Interaccion ii
3. Interaccion iii
4. Interaccion iv
5. Interaccion v

Some days you talk to the cat or call your kids to say hello… some days you walk under the rain looking for some elusive questions (the answers are always there)… some particular days the microphones are open and ready and things simply happen…

Germán & myself have been playing for the past 5 years without thinking too much about the results, just doing it for no reason at all… usually you find it when you are not looking for it… as any conversation, the music goes were it has to go…

There was no plan, not a word was said before the first note crystallized… you close your eyes and bang: the trip starts… i’m almost sure that was sunday… in the afternoon… could have been any other day… could have been just a coffee and a pipe over the regular cursing everything in this fucking life… could have been pizza and beer over a paul bley album… but we have this 70 minutes of talking about nothing… and everything… just like any good conversation: no point at all…

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