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WM007: Phil Reavis – Driving me backwards

released 11 january 2005

Phil Reavis - Driving me backwards

01. Roadtrip
02. Highway 17
03. Three more hours to Reno
04. Return to zero
05. It’s alright
06. A walk in the woods
07. Squirrel patrol
08. Drive through the fields
09. Gabby and Buck
10. Broken pipe basement surf
11. West of here
12. Christian barn anthem
13. Anything but the truth
14. Baboon hearted boy
15. The prisoner
16. Troubled times
17. Clown car
18. Jiffy pop
19. High over white mountain
20. Scooter
21. Broke my toe today
22. Wash away the shore
23. So long until tomorrow
24. Arriving home drunk

Phil Reavis has been in about a dozen Muncie/Bloomington/Indianapolis bands over the years including several on the Bob Chaos compilation: The Disposable Airsickness Band, Atomic Butterfly and Soul Celtics, which is really the Mad Hatters… Phil was in Latent Chaos too, but not during their classic “Bob” period.

Outside of bands Phil has accumulated a bunch of rough sketches, songs, collaborations and improvisations many of which appear here on Driving Me Backwards, a sampler of his cassette four-track recordings from the last couple decades. “Indiana musician does restrained Lo-Fi rock and Surf instrumentals. In the era of bombastic Dick Dale imitators, its nice to hear somebody who knows the value of the “Walk-Don’t Run” aesthetic.”

Splendid E-Zine: “nothing too flashy — just a nice instrumental journey through those lazy rural summer nights.”

Demo Universe: “If you’re into guitar, and don’t mind a lo-fi recording, it’s more fun than a barrel of Mosrites.”

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Driving me backwards
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