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WM092: brunk – insert coins to continue

released 23 march 2009

01. informative note (intro)
02. got it!
03. arghl
04. never ever ever
05. shifts
06. flipperkast dub
07. carcrash
08. blitzkrieg
09. de wraak van de kiekens
10. this should be played at high volume… preferably in a residential area!
11. mechanical errors
12. berror
13. vliegtuig
14. violence on tv
15. woo hoo hoo
16. zip
17. allrighty then (outro)

And now for something completely different… or not?

Imagine an old industrial building somewhere in a corner of town (let’s say, brunkville), turned into a noisy game hall where silly eighties actionmovie characters play pinball and oldschool computer games – loud blipping and beeping (…insert coins to continue…) – everything with an indie kung fu flick air and a very very bad taste in clothes an hair styling… All this has a matching DIY eighties soundtrack filled with dusty hip hop beats, grooving bluesrock and straight forward metal riffs, heroic lo-fi guitar soloing and weird synth sounds – yes, bad taste, but great fun! This should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area: your neighbours want to enjoy it too! Nevermind mechanical errors, but beware of the revenge of the chickens… And know that violence on tv is only funny for those who are watching it… 🙂

brunk is Bert Vanden Berghe, insert coins to continue is his fourth free WM Recordings release. Enjoy!

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insert coins to continue
by brunk is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Netherlands License.