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WM120: Les Baudouins Morts – Les Encores des Baudouins Morts

released 15 june 2011

1. Alcohol
2. Knappegrietenbanenplan
3. Just like VDAB
4. Geef je ziel aan Satan
5. Maribel
6. Celie heeft een sexshop in de Wetstraat
7. Tussen de lakens
8. Zelfvolmaking/Opa/Mol Jean-Pols
9. A.I.D.S.
10. Middernacht, Grote Markt 8f
11. Phallus dei
12. Tiensesteenweg
13. Adminicastratie
14. Alcohol II
15. Seniorenmars I, voor pensioen en prostitutie
16. Gij ziet af
17. Echte mannen werken bij de Post
18. Rompuy Reggae
19. Stoned & Meedogenloos
20. Ballade voor Veerle
21. Credo/Alcohol III
22. Elke Duitser blijft een Mof
23. NV Verdriet
24. Geen socialisme zonder bier
25. Forges de Clabecq

Les Baudouins Morts existed between 1996 and 2000. They were a local cult band, with a strong following in the underground scene in and around the town of Leuven (Belgium). Their music, if that’s what you want to call it, was just an excuse to promote radical leftwing protest, make sick jokes, criticize everything and everyone walking the face of the planet and give everyone involved the opportunity to play his instrument to his own liking.

Les Encores des Baudouins Morts is a compilation with highlights, session recordings, unreleased tracks, acoustic versions and all the other stuff mega-bands use to fill the gap when they notice they haven’t had a real hit in over a year. Every song is accompanied by detailed liner notes (in Dutch), explaining why it was recorded or, in some cases, why it should never have been recorded.

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